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Walk this way! Did you know that White City has more than 12 kilometers for multi-use pathways woven throughout our community with another 9 kilometers on the way. Plenty of opportunities for you to ditch the car or couch and bike, hike or run!

The Town of White City is beginning construction of a Multi-Use Pathway along Motherwell Drive.

Project Status Updates:

Work on the 2022 portion of the pathway has been completed.  Stay tuned for details on the 2023 Motherwell Drive pathway construction. 


White City Town Council passed a resolution advancing the timeline for completion of a pathway along Motherwell Drive as part of the Multi-Use Pathway Network Improvement Project.  The Motherwell Drive Pathway will now be completed as Phase II of the overall Multi-Use Pathway Improvement Project.

The project plan for this pathway will be completed in two phases:

Phase I - ERES to Yale Place (North Side of Road) - 2022
Phase II - Yale Place to Hwy 48 (North and East Side of Road) - 2023

As part of the approved Multi-Use Pathway Network Improvement Project, the Town of White City (Town) by recommendation from the Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) has highlighted Motherwell Drive as a location that would greatly benefit from infrastructure improvements to support the pedestrian friendly environment of White City.

The Multi-Use Pathway Network Improvement Project is intended to address multi-use pathway gaps and enhance pedestrian accessibility/mobility on key existing arterial and collector streets. The locations included in this project show evidence that supports the addition of a pathway to provide a connection to an existing or proposed pedestrian network that will alleviate existing safety concerns.

The multi-use pathways have been provided in such a manner that they are located along several roadways which lead to key destinations such as Ecole White City School and Emerald Ridge Elementary School (ERES). There are several paths that connect ERES to the west of the Town but only one that provides a direct connection to the east of the Town. This is an at-grade crossing on Highway 48 connecting the pathway system east of the highway.

Although traffic volumes recorded in 2018 were lower than 1000 vehicles per day, it is anticipated that with the completion of Bower West Phase III, pedestrian traffic along Motherwell Drive has increased dramatically and with it the potential need of exclusive pedestrian facilities. This pathway will provide pedestrian connectivity along Motherwell Drive, from the existing pathways west and north of ERES to the east/north and a future connection pathway along Highway No. 48.

Motherwell Drive - Project Brochure

Information For Residents

White City Public Works is beginning work on Canada Post Mailbox Pullovers beginning Thursday July 14, 2022.

The scheduled work is not expected to impact any access to properties - please drive cautiously in the area as Public Works staff will be preparing an area along the roadway.

Canada Post mailboxes near Princeton Drive and Yale Place will be relocated on Friday July 15th.  The new access area will be just south of Emerald Ridge Elementary School across the street from numbers 40 and 42 Motherwell Drive.  These boxes will remain in this location until Canada Post installs two new super mailboxes at the planned mailbox pullover area - installation of the new mailboxes is anticipated to take place at the end of August 2022.  Canada Post will contact you with information regarding changes to your mail delivery.  If you have specific questions related to your mail delivery, please contact Canada Post.

The Town of White City has no on-street parking at any time as stated in Bylaw 587-15 section 3(e)(1). However, during the construction period, residents unable to enter their driveways due to construction will be allowed to park their vehicles on adjacent side streets or elsewhere to accommodate construction activities. Street parking will be allowed for the construction period for those properties where driveway access is interrupted.

Construction may also affect private lawn features within the Town’s property or ditch area. Items such as gardens, lawn sprinklers, hedges, driveway timber/concrete edges etc. are the homeowner’s responsibility to remove or identify to avoid unintentional damage due to the construction. For further clarification on property limits, please contact us.

Repairs to grass on the Town’s property or ditch area due to construction will be made following the installation of the pathway. Please note only the area impacted by the construction will be repaired and a record of the area prior to construction will be obtained for repair purposes. To keep the Town “Clean and Green”, we appreciate your efforts to water and maintain the new sod where it is needed.

While no road closures are anticipated at this time, driveway access may be interrupted due to preparation work, pathway installation and finishing work - however, this inconvenience will be kept to a minimum. Any properties requiring driveway modifications for drainage, including u-channels, will be contacted by Public Works. The work will take place Monday to Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. and occasionally on weekends depending upon the weather or availability of the contractor.

Arrangements have been made with Loraas Disposal to accommodate curbside garbage, recycling and compost pick up. On pick-up days, Loraas will be servicing the Motherwell Drive area at the beginning of their routes. Once the project begins, residents will be notified to please roll out bins out for collection the previous evening or by 6:00 a.m. on collection days. This will ensure that your garbage/recycling/compost is collected during the project.

Project schedule, changes and updates will be communicated via Voyent Alert! Sign up today to ensure that you receive project notifications in a timely manner. If you are not signed up for Voyent Alert! you may miss important communications including notifications regarding sprinkler relocation. If you have questions regarding the project, please contact: Gary Schmidt, Manager of Public Works - 306-552-3848

The Town of White City is pleased to announce it has chosen the Voyent Alert! service to keep you informed of day-to-day notifications and emergency alerts in times of crisis. The service is FREE, easy to use and totally anonymous. Register today!

For more information on Voyent Alert! click here.